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Jeljko (John) Buncich

Master Transmission Technician

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82 McIntyre Dr., Kitchener
Ontario, Canada
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82 McIntyre Dr.  Kitchener, Ontario Canada

519-745-3038    TOLL FREE 1-800-367-1886

82 McIntyre Dr.,  Kitchener, Ontario Canada

My career in transmission rebuilding began in Europe where I was privileged to study and apprentice under some of the finest driveline engineers and technical craftsmen in the automotive trade.

In 1989 I brought my skills to Canada where I have continued to build strong relationships with high end European vehicle owners and the dealers and mechanics who service their vehicles.

I am pleased to offer my transmission services to Porsche owners as well as other European vehicle owners and welcome inquiries on transmission issues and the acquisition of related parts and units that you may need help in locating.

My network of European engineers and craftsmen across the globe positions me as the  knowledgeable source for hard to locate quality parts. 

I look forward to meeting you!

Jeljko (John) Buncic